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Arts: Professional Learning

Introductory Modules

Claymation video gif - ball of clay slowly splits into two pieces.


70 Minutes | 6 Lessons

Experiment with traditional animation and explore basic stop-motion animation.

Image from Claymation series - pink clay ball.
Gif for color explorations with watercolors - woman blends paint together into a triangle shape using watercolors and water.

Color Explorations with Watercolors

49 Minutes | 10 Lessons

Practice using pan watercolor paints while investigating basic color theory.

Image of watercolor paints, paintbrushes balancing on a water bowl, and color wheels that have been painted in using watercolors.
Gif shows an artist coloring in a formline raven using black and red markers.

Coloring Formline Design

29 Minutes | 3 Lessons

Learn how colors are traditionally used in primary and secondary formline spaces.

This photo shows a portion of a colored formline design, using ovoids, u-shapes, and red and black markers.
Gif shows a person holding up old school cameras, then an iPhone and iPad.


39 Minutes | 2 Lessons

Learn how to build students' visual literacy with images and investigate features of camera apps.

Image shows a person holding up an iPhone and iPad.
In this gif, the artist mimics various textures with a pencil.

Drawing - Seeing as an Artist

90 Minutes | 4 Modules

Practice creating realistic art with exercises to observe & record line, space, value, & texture.

In this image, three varied writing utensils and a white eraser are laid upon a brown cardboard sheet.
In this gif. squares of various patterns drawn with black marker can be seen.


20 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Learn about kinds of markers and ways they can be used in the classroom.

This image shows various squares filed with patterns drawn by a black marker.
In this gif, an outline of a cat with triangles filling the background is being created by an artist.

Papers, Adhesives, and Collage

90 Minutes | 3 Lessons

Learn about different uses for the range of paper, tape, and glue found in schools.

An artist holds up a piece of paper featuring an outline of a cat with a triangular pattered background.
Clay gif - Woman gently molds clay into a bowl.


45 Minutes | 2 Lessons

Learn techniques for 2 types of air-drying clay, including shaping, joining, and decorating.

Image of a hardened and painted clay bowl.
Gif of a person coloring in a square using different coloring techniques in red colored pencil.

Colored Pencils Magic

71 Minutes | 7 Lessons

Learn techniques for using colored pencils, elevating your art with color theory, values, and line.

Image shows squares that have been colored in using different colors from the color wheel.
Person colors a scene using crayons and a scratching tool to create white patterns through scraping away what has been previously colored. The image depicts blue, purple, and pink flowers.


33 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Practice using crayons to experiment with layers and textures.

Still image of pink, purple, and blue flowers that have been colored using crayons.
Gif shows a person drawing a shadow behind a pot, using a pencil.

Drawing - Pencils and Pen

36 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Experiment with pens & pencils while trying artistic studies on the elements of line, shape, form, value, & texture.

Image shows a drawing of a pot with a few sprigs of a plant in it; creating using a standard pencil.
In this gif, an artist traces a calligraphy alphabet written in pencil with a calligraphy pen.


32 Minutes | 5 Lessons

Increase hand-eye coordination, observation skills, and drawing ability through the use of lettering exercises.

In this image, calligraphy lettering on a sheet of white paper can be seen. "a", "b", and "c" have been traced over with a calligraphy pen; all other letters are written in pencil.
In this gif. a pencil outline of a peach is being colored in with red and yellow oil pastels.

Oil and Chalk Pastels

66 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Investigate color theory and drawing techniques with oil pastels and chalk pastels.

In this image, a pencil outline of a peach has been partially colored in with warm colored oil pastels.
An artist covers up a portion of a painted pattern with a piece of paper; when they lift the paper, it is revealed that they stamped in a new blue paint shape.

Tempera Paint

45 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Learn about the characteristics and management of tempera paint. 

This image shows an abstract pattern made using tempera paint.

Advanced Modules

An artist fills a portion of a blue background in an artwork showing an orange abstract, flowing pattern with a contrasting blue color behind.

Abstract Art Inspired by Nature

37 Minutes | 3 Lessons

Try a project that integrates drawing and physical science.

This image displays an artwork with an orange abstract, flowing pattern and a contrasting blue color behind.
This image shows a variety of four-sided shapes in a variety of different colors.

Graphic Design

70 Minutes | 6 Lessons

Investigate techniques and purposes of graphic design.

This image shows two yellow taxicabs in a city; the image is in black in white everywhere except for those two cabs.
This image shows an artist pressing a print of an animal ontoa piece of paper.


115 Minutes | 7 Lessons

Try a variety of printmaking forms, with techniques ranging from beginner to advanced.

This image shows a print of a small black-striped brown animal.
An artist uses pink pieces of paper to place atop of a vibrantly colored pink tree with a blue and orange background, done in acrylic paint.

Acrylic Paint

60 Minutes | 3 Lessons

Learn about the characteristics and management of acrylic paint.

Image shows a vibrantly colored pink tree with a blue and orange background, done in acrylic paint.
This image shows a natural scene featuring a tree in the forefront; the tree is ususual, as it features prominent stripes in what appears to be moss.

Natural Sculpture

24 Minutes | 1 Lesson

Learn techniques for creating temporary outdoor works of art from natural materials.

This image shows a cairn of 9 balanced rocks. The rocks are all rectangular, with the exception of one spherical rock in the center of the stack.
This gif shows an artist holding up example backgrounds for stop motion scenes.

Stop Motion Animation

35 Minutes | 5 Lessons

Learn about techniques and classroom application of stop motion animation.

This image shows an artist holding up an example background for stop motion scenes.
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