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Culture: Classroom Examples

Sitka School District staff have engaged with the Lingít culture in a variety of ways. Use this page as a resource to gain inspiration on how you could also embed and incorporate these ideas into your classroom

In the Schools


Students learning how to make tea from plants they harvested

k-1 turkey 2021.jpg

An activity for all ages to express gratitude and learn a little more about formline


Sewing buttons on a button blanket in 2nd grade as part of their learning about the Lingít ways of life and traditions

learning to use scraping tools.jpg

Connecting students to subsistence and how to process the whole animal through a traditional lens


High school students take their learning outdoors as they learn more about yellow cedar

sitka spruce trees_edited.jpg

Ready to share some inspiration from your class? Use the button below to send in photos of your students work or activites

Bringing language to life! Stop Motion Films

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