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Cultural Specialists

We believe that anyone who contributes to creating a dynamic learning experience centered around student cultures can be recognized as a Cultural Specialist. On this page, we place particular emphasis on honoring Lingít cultural bearers. If you are a staff member of the Sitka School District, we invite you to utilize the following link to submit a request for assistance in planning or securing funding for a Cultural Specialist visit.

Areas of Knowledge

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Storytelling, History, Place-names

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Berries, Salmon, Herring, Teas

Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi

Lingít Language

Traditional Art

Formline, Carving, Toolmaking, Wood Sculptures, Sewing, Beading, Weaving

 A more comprehensive community-wide list of cultural specialists is in the works. If you know of a Specialist we should add to the list, please submit their info here.

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